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Mon 31 Jan 2011, 07:48 AM
The cloud, social networks, social business... it's all about going mobile and staying light on your feet.  Look around you at the OGS.  People are reading, writing, tweeting, blogging on devices.  When people go back to their hotel rooms at the end of the day, they whip out the Kindle and order their copy of Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language> for Kindle (two were ordered yesterday through the Virtual Bookstore).  Available instantly, and saving $12 over the print copy.

At the suggestion of an envious attendee, I have added a few mobile device to the Virtual Bookstore, but especially the following two.  Go ahead and click on the links below to read more about, and even order, the devices.  I recommend the Kindle, which I have myself, as the best choice for reading.

Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi: Free 3G Works Globally - New E Ink Pearl Technology
Authors: Amazon
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   U.K.   Germany   France

iPhone 4: Black Smartphone 32GB
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   U.K.  

And for your developer who want to make sure your own websites are clean and ready for the mobile onslaught, one book tip:

Smashing CSS: Professional Techniques for Modern Layout
Authors: Eric Meyer
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   Canada   U.K.   Germany   France

Smashing CSS takes you well beyond the basics, covering not only the finer points of layout and effects, but introduces you to the future with HTML5 and CSS3. Very few in the industry can show you the ins and outs of CSS like Eric Meyer and inside Smashing CSS Eric provides techniques that are thorough, utterly useful, and universally applicable in the real world. From choosing the right tools, to CSS effects and CSS3 techniques with jQuery, Smashing CSS is the practical guide to building modern web layouts.

Enjoy the OGS and the hectic and crazy day ahead.  Blog and tweet and let the rest of us out here know what is going on down on the ground, not just up on the screens (we can watch the OGS streaming).

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Sun 30 Jan 2011, 05:02 PM
Once your sessions have been given, how about posting the presentations right away and letting me know?  John Head did already, and his session is the first to have an external link so that those unfortunate enough not to attend can also share the wisdom.

Inline JPEG image

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Sun 30 Jan 2011, 01:37 PM
Thanks to Karsten Lehmann (and his post LS11: Updated list of download links), there are now PDF links in each session document in the LS11 Sessions db that has a PDF available.  (To clarify, Karsten didn't add them to the database, just made them available and I added them.) The links are to the PDF file on LSOnline, so you obviously need to be able to log in to get them, but this makes one-click access available inside the session record.  As an example, here is one of Karsten's own sessions:

Inline JPEG image

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Sun 30 Jan 2011, 09:05 AM
This is it.  You have made it to Day 1 of Lotusphere, Business Development Day for Business Partners and JumpStart day for many others. And for everybody, there is one particular thing to look forward to:

FUN101 Welcome Reception (web link)
Speaker: Everybody
Dolphin Poolside - Sunday  6:30pm - 9:00pm

Already, you can see that you have too much planned, too many must-do events, too many people to meet... and you wouldn't trade any of it for a snowy day in Cleveland.  Enjoy!

I have a request and a suggestion,  If you go into a session you really, really like (or really, really hate), tweet about it.  Let the speaker know you enjoyed it. Let others know to avoid the repeat. It is time to do more than go to sessions on social networks, it is time to walk the walk.  As an aid, every session has a Tweet button for you, as well as a way to Check-In with FourSquare.  Use them and let people know.

Finally, here are two sessions I wish I could attend that I recommend for you.  If you attend, let me know how they are:

JMP206 How I Went Beyond the Hype, Narcissism, and Trendiness to Become a Social Software Super Hero (web link)
Speakers: Bruce Elgort, Chris Martin
DL S. Hemisphere II - Sunday  10:30am - 12:30pm

Let's face it - social networking and social software is everywhere, and the term "social" could easily be the buzzword of the year. Embedded in the television shows that we watch, the websites that we visit and the latest offerings of mobile devices, social media is infiltrating our daily lives. The business world is not exempt from the expansion of social media apps either and many companies are exploring, and in some cases scrambling to find, ways they can use and integrate social networking tools and services in their existing applications. In this session, we'll introduce you to social media & software. You'll hear from industry leaders, IBMers and Lotus community members about their experiences using social software in business.

JMP103 Jumpstart Your "Jedi Plug-in Development Skills" with the Masters (web link)
Speakers: Ryan Baxter, Mikkel Heisterberg
DL S. Hemisphere I - Sunday  1:30pm - 3:30pm

Come to this session to get up and running on plug-in development for Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Symphony & learn the ropes to get started. We'll take you from getting the Eclipse IDE and Lotus Expeditor Toolkit installed to configuring, testing and verifying your setup. Next, you'll learn the basics of plug-in development and based on real-life examples, you'll see how easy plug-in development can be -- and how to reap the rewards. And since there's there's "no good" in having great plug-ins if they never reach user workstations, we'll finish the session with end-to-end information on plug-in signing and widget deployment. This is a "must see" session if you want to get started with plug-in development but never knew how. May the Force be with you.

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Sat 29 Jan 2011, 03:51 PM
Warren Elsmore sent me a note that his BOF410 Organising and Running a User Group Event has changed time and place according to the printed agenda, but both my sessions db and the LSOnline show SW Osprey - Wednesday  07:00am - 8:00am.

Does anybody know what wins?  I would assume that LSOnline would be the ultimate arbiter, but maybe not.  Do I change the Sessions db, and even if I do, how many people will miss it if the LSOnline doesn't have it at the right time?

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Sat 29 Jan 2011, 09:51 AM
After sixteen straight Lotuspheres, I'm not there this year, but I thought I'd use my distance from the madding crowds to suggest events to watch for and suggest things to do.

It's all fun and games today, as far as Sessions go:

FUN105 Lotusphere 2011 Speedboats! (web link)
Speaker: Everybody
Seven Seas Lagoon - Saturday  10:00am - 2:15pm
The Seven Seas Lagoon, in-front of The Magic Kingdom®, is a decent sized body of water and also connects to Bay Lake, located between Disney's Contemporary Resort and Wilderness Lodge. Unlike the speedboat rentals at The Yacht & Beach, Port Orleans, Caribbean Beach -- which all exist in No Wake zones and thus go 5 MPH only -- the Sea Ray® Sea Raycers at The Magic Kingdom resort marinas are far more enjoyable. They are a lot of fun and something I enjoy annually, weather permitting.  Follow the wb link for details on getting there, prices, etc.

FUN103 Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner (BALD) (web link)
Speaker: Bloggers and Wannabes
Big River Brewhouse - Saturday  3:00pm - 6:00pm
Hang out with very cool (and mostly short and almost all balding) bloggers and their groupies whilst imbibing lightly (see FUN104 for heavy imbibing).

FUN104 The Turtle's Annual Drink-A-Lot Party (web link)
Speaker: Bloggers and Wannabes
ESPN on Boardwalk - Saturday  8:00pm - 11:59pm
Hang out with somewhat cool (and mostly already slightly inebriated) folks whilst imbibing heavily (see FUN103 for light imbibing).

But there is more to do than fun stuff.  Today is your day to buy the food and supplies that will keep you going throughout the long week.  Don't forget some healthy snacks such as raisins or nuts to hold you through after all the crap and snacks.  It may even be a good idea to buy some of those high powered Vitamin C tablets.

Speaking of which, wash your hands frequently. I know I'm not your mom, but it is horrible to get sick on Saturday and stay sick throughout the conference.

Finally, some book picks from the Virtual Bookstore.  This is the only day you may have time to browse through the Sessions db, and books you order now will likely be waiting for you when you return, easing the landing.

Admins: If you are German, you may want to see look at Lotus Notes Domino 8/8.5-Administration: Lotus Groupware installieren, betreiben und verwalten [German], and if you are French, you may want to see Lotus Domino 8.5 Administration: Tome 1, Installation et configuration [French], but for everybody else, I recommend you take a look at:

Survival Guide for Lotus Notes and Domino Administrators
Authors: Mark Elliott
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   Canada   U.K.   Germany   France

IBM’s® Practical, Hands-On Guide to Supporting and Administering Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino

This is the only book that focuses entirely on the specific technical, desk-side, and infrastructure issues that support professionals and administrators encounter when implementing and running Lotus Notes in production environments. Authored by one of IBM’s top Lotus experts, it draws on the firsthand experiences of IBM professionals working in hundreds of client environments. Mark Elliott has created a true “encyclopedia” of proven resolutions to common problems and has streamlined processes for infrastructure support. Elliott systematically addresses support solutions for all recent Lotus Notes and Domino environments.

Developers: I know, I know, you are all rushing out at buying Mastering XPages, which is clearly the hit of the conference, having sold 11 copies through the Virtual Bookstore already, but there are other great books.  Think outside the box. If you are going to be developing with XPages in Lotus Domino, you really ought to be very secure in your knowledge of Dojo, as they go together, so I recommend you take a look at:

Dojo: The Definitive Guide
Authors: Matthew A. Russell
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   U.K.   Germany   France

Of all the Ajax-specific frameworks that have popped up in recent years, one clearly stands out as the industrial strength solution. Dojo is not just another JavaScript toolkit -- it's the JavaScript toolkit -- and Dojo: The Definitive Guide demonstrates how to tame Dojo's extensive library of utilities so that you can build rich and responsive web applications like never before. Dojo founder Alex Russell gives a foreword that explains the "why" of Dojo and of this book.
If you're a DHTML-toting web developer, you need to read this book -- whether you're a one-person operation or part of an organization employing scores of developers. Dojo packs the standard JavaScript library you've always wanted, and Dojo: The Definitive Guide helps you transform your ideas into working applications quickly by leveraging design concepts you already know.

Business People (aka Suits): There are lots of great books in the Virtual Bookstore for you, but the first you should look at is:

Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World
Authors: Soumitra Dutta, Matthew Fraser
Order in your currency/language:  U.S.   Canada   U.K.   Germany   France

"If you want to understand why Wikipedia is changing the world, this book is a must read."
Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia

"This book is a must read for all - social activists, politicians or managers - who have an interest in understanding how our society is morphing."
Professor C.K. Prahalad, #1 Management Guru and author of Competing for the Future 

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