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Fri 3 Sep 2021, 08:51 AM
I'm working on a series of posts for next week on the four most common ways to represent a table of values in Notes that do not play nicely with relational databases. There are others, but these four are ones I see routinely when exporting data with Midas Exports or retrieving data with Exciton Boost. (There are also ways that do play nicely, but why talk about them?) My challenge for myself is whether I can use both tools to export or retrieve the data from each in a way that forces them to play nicely with relational databases.
In order from most to least common of the four top ways I see to make table data that don't play easily with relational databases:
1) Hard-coded table cell fields, every one separate
2) Parallel multi-value fields, one per column
3) Response documents, one per row
4) Tables embedded in rich text
Watch this blog for my posts. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you know of other ways to represent table data that don't play nicely with relational databases/techniques.
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