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Get your excite on! (We are)

Wed 5 Feb 2020, 10:20 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Exciton (n): an elementary particle in an excited state, the combination of an electron and a positive gap...
It is understandable that a lot of folks in the Yellowverse are wary of hype and weary of letdown. The past several years have seen a lot of disappointment, and while it has been a relief having HCL take over first development and then the reins of the Notes/Domino/Sametime/Connections/etc. software, many have felt little more than cautious relief.
It's time for something more. It's time to feel some passion. It's time to seize new opportunities and run with them.
It's time to get your Excite On!
Those of you following my blog series know that I am focused on new technologies offered or improved in Domino 10 and 11, but especially anything which offers opportunities in the web-oriented world of 2020. A lot of developers left Domino behind as they embraced full stack development, Node.js modules, web services, and the like. But HCL has made sure that Domino can be a player in those arenas. Now, it is our turn. We can embrace the new or cling to the old. We can merely exist or we can get excited. Domino is still a fantastic infrastructure to build on, still has top notch security along with rapid low code development tools and a fully realized set of integrated capabilities many other ecosystems can barely dream about. But it can also now play better with others.
Genii Software is embracing the new. Today, I want to tell you a bit about our new product and services line, Exciton (pronounced "excite-on!"). There are at least three products planned, but we'll also be offering both services and custom bespoke solutions. Some of these will play in the Node.js space, offering enhancements and modules to work with Domino and other HCL products in JavaScript and also integrate and support other non-HCL systems. Some will be oriented toward web services. All will offer exiting new opportunities for you to build on Domino, proudly and defiantly even, and to embrace new technologies while harnessing the best of wht you know already.. 
Our first product in the new line is called Exciton Boost, and it goes into beta later today.
Inline JPEG image
Product goal: Boost the capabilities of both the AppDev Pack's domino-db module and Domino Access Services' REST API without requiring any client components while maintaining the security model of Domino and avoiding conflict with future enhancements by HCL.
For Node.js developers:
1) Adds RT/M support (support for Rich Text/MIME fields) to domino-db, where it is currently not supported.
2) Adds SSFS (server-side formula support) to enable formula language computation for simple fields and computed HTML for RT/M.
3) Adds features to reduce number of domino-db calls needed, this reducing load and enhancing speed on the Domino server
For full stack web developers:
1) Improves RT/M support by improving both one way and roundtrip rendering
2) Adds SSFS (server-side formula support) to enable formula language computation for simple fields
3) Adds features to reduce number of REST calls needed, this reducing load and enhancing speed on the Domino server
Designed for Domino 10 or 11 on Linux or Windows (for now) with AppDev Pack 1.0.3 or higher
Interested?  If you would be interested in participating in the beta, or even if you just have questions, contact me by e-mail at 

Copyright 2020 Genii Software Ltd.

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