Exciton Boost API™ 4.6 - Modern app development beyond the limits

At Genii Software, we believe that web and mobile development require fresh thinking and flexible approaches. Different needs may require different tooling, even within the same app.

A REST API may work best when data exchange is required, but the control belongs on the client or the caller.

An RPC API may work best when data should stay on the server for security and performance reasons, or when sophisticated methods are better centralized.

Exciton Boost offers both approaches in an single software offering, allowing the developer to choose the right approach for each function, even if both are required in a single app. Complex business logic may be pushed up to the server while UI and responsive coding may be better suited to the client. Notes/Domino understanding and depth is built into both, but easily accessible REST calls and discoverable OpenRPC methods make working with the Exciton Boost API easy for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of how Domino handles things in its own special ways.

High fidelity and high performance are built into the engine which drives the Exciton Boost API, allowing reliable movement of even the most complex information into and out of the Domino backend.

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