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Fri 23 Jan 2004, 09:14 PM
Since Ed mentioned me, I figured I should reciprocate.  Ed posted his Lotusphere schedule, and, between you and me, I am exhausted just reading it.  So here is my somewhat more leisurely plan for Lotusphere:

  • Saturday:  Penumbra group dinner, where I'll wave at Ed and Ambuj.  Turtle's gathering sounds too strenuous for me, so I'll pack it in early.
  • Sunday:  I'll hang around and see what is happening until the party, where I'll pretty much hang around and see what is happening.  Maybe I'll stop over for a milkshake.
  • Monday:  I'll attend a few sessions and spend some time on the showcase floor, meeting once and future clients and scoping out what new stuff is out there.  I'm going to a party later.
  • Tuesday:  I'll hang around chatting with friends and clients until 2:30pm, when I have my BP102 Advanced Lotus Notes/Web Coexistence session.  I hope to see you there.  After the session, I'm going with an old friend to Fulton's Crab House. 
  • Wednesday: I'll see a few more sessions, spend some time at the showcase.  Universal Studios party, where I'll hang around and catch some rides.. 
  • Thursday: Stay as late as I can, then catch an early evening plane home.

If you think this is WAY too relaxed for Lotusphere, let me let you in on a secret.  Genii Software has had a really good year, and I decided that I didn't have to compete with everybody else at Lotusphere in making noise.  I have a couple of products to introduce, but besides showing them to a few friends, I'll wait until the uproar settles down, and introduce them in February, or perhaps even at the Munich conference, where people may be able to pay more attention.  I'm staying at the Swan, so I don't have to fuss with rental cars.  My session is finished, and has been for a while.  Generally, I'm just going to hang out and enjoy myself for once.

So, if you want to find me, I'll be the one relaxed person in the crowd of 8000.  If you don't see a relaxed face, it is probably just because I am in the pool.  See you there!

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Fri 23 Jan 2004, 11:20 AM
Rats, in looking at the sessions competing with mine, I realize that CS105 Agile Response to Manufacturing Needs - Notes/Domino to the Rescue: Mercedes-Benz US International is being co-presented by Allison Janicki of Sapphire Oak Technologies (Rocky Oliver's company when he is not being a Lotus Geek).  I worked with Allison earlier this year because Mercedes-Benz decided to use our Midas Rich Text LSX, probably to help their "agile response" be more agile.  I didn't notice that Allison was presenting, but I sure wish I could be there to hear it, especially if she should happen to mention Midas. <grin> 

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Fri 23 Jan 2004, 10:56 AM
Here I was under the impression that if I gave a session on something other than rich text, which everybody thinks of as "my thing", I could at least be assured of a small, quiet crowd who mostly wandered in thinking they could catch an afternoon nap.  After all, while I have done a lot of thinking and talking about "Notes/Web Coexistence", I kind of made up the term myself, so it should scarcely be a big draw.  At least, that is what I have told myself.

Shows what I know.  Maybe they are all just being nice, and are really planning on going to the Customizing IBM Team Workplace or one of the Websphere Portal talks, but I have received more e-mails and read more postings from people who want to go to my BP102 Advanced Lotus Notes/Web Coexistence talk than I received either of the past two years when I was doing the rich text schtick.  So, just in case people really mean it and are not just being nice, show up early if you want a seat.  Of course, if all the other seats ARE empty, you are welcome to sit up front.

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