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Thu 22 Apr 2004, 12:00 PM
For several years, Mike Woolsey of Solutions by Design maintained a list in the Business Partner Forum of the various known or guessed limits in Notes/Domino.  He graciously agreed to allow this list to be distributed to any Lotus Customer, and I have decided to post it here and try to keep it up to date.  If you see values which seem incorrect to you, let me know and I'll update the information I have.  (BTW, I know others, including Andrew Pollack, may have this posted on their sites as well, and I will certainly pass along any updates to anyone who wants them)  Feel free to link to this blog entry, and I'll make sure it stays around.

By the way, the look and feel of the Limits document is likely to change as I clean it up for the web and remove some links and such that won't work, and add others that do.  Feel free to comment on such issues as well.

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Thu 22 Apr 2004, 02:13 AM
A new (featured) sample is now available as one of the Midas Sample Databases.  The sample is called Report It! 1.0, and it contains agents which generate two types of reports (more should be available in later releases of the sample).

The first sample is a nested tabbed table report which represents a two level categorized view.  Very slick, and very easy to copy into your application.  Do note that it has not been highly optimized for performance, but it is still quite quick.

The second report is a bar chart using colored bars to represent comparative data.  This also includes clickable hotspots with additional information.  This is very quick, and could easily be built into a bigger report which needs some simple graphics.

It is late, so I'll write more soon, but if you have a chance (and a production or eval license), give Report It! a try and let me know what you think.

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