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Thu 3 Jun 2004, 11:44 PM
As usual, I am foolishly, and probably incompetently, trying to create my own logos and graphics for COEX! Links and possibly other COEX products.  Thus far, I have:
Inline GIF image
and for the COEX! Mail product, a matching:
Inline GIF image
as logos and 
Inline JPEG image

Now, I can't tell if these are good or awful.  I do know that while the links may make sense with COEX! Links, they don't exactly make sense with COEX! Mail (maybe I should put a row of mailboxes in instead of the links).

Assuming that people hate these (or perhaps even if they do not), does anybody have a recommendation for a good logo/brand guru type who can help develop some logos, graphics, etc?  Send me an e-mail to  or post here as you see fit, but please help me spare the world from my feeble efforts.  Also, help me get back to the work I do better, coexistence and rich text solutions.

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