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Thu 9 Dec 2004, 04:40 PM
There seems to be no shortage of rich text editors available for the web.  Many are based on the Microsoft DHTML editor, while others are Java based or require a plug in for the web client.  I even started a list of them last year, to which I need to add one I heard about today called Fckeditor, believe it or not.

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The first challenge for Domino users is getting these different editors to integrate well with Domino.  Børge Lotre, from whom I heard about Fckeditorputs it well
No matter what editor is used the problems tend to boil down to one thing: how to post the data to Domino. When using only a web client there is no problem, but when you need to use both a web client and the Notes client you have a problem.
Even if you assume that the Notes client should never need to edit the rich text (a lousy assumption, if you ask me), it is a nuisance trying out different rich text editors because each requires getting a sample database up and working, and the various ways the editors interact through Java and JavaScript makes it hard to have a good head to head comparison.

Well, in anticipation of solving the Notes client/web client coexistence, as I hinted yesterday, I am collection sample databases using the various editors.  I have a few, but if you know of any sample databases using any of the third party rich text editors, could you let me know?  I'd appreciate it.

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