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Mon 28 Jan 2008, 02:57 PM
Andrew Pollack of Northern Collaborative Solutions has written an article about XPages which you shouldn't miss.  IBM didn't really play up the power and importance of these new design elements, for reasons that escape me but probably include power politics from the Websphere Portal team, but these look like a big deal.  Andrew does a good job of explaining why....

Domino Designer's New XPages 

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Mon 28 Jan 2008, 02:42 PM
If you have been replicating the Lotusphere Sessions database, don't stop just yet.  On every slide, I have provided links to the Lotusphere On-Line presentations (requires a password), but I am also adding links to all the sessions that get posted by their speakers, which are all up to date, and are definitely free for anybody, as well as sample databases and other incidentals.  I just started today, but already there are quite a links available.  If you didn't make it to Lotusphere, here is a chance to get those slides anyway.

And don't forget to post any questions in the session database as well, as both you and the speakers still have access.

To see which sessions have direct links to slides outside of Lotusphere On-Line, look for the blue arrow in the views.  The sessions with a blue arrow have those additional links when you open up the session.  Keep watching, as I expect to have many more over the next few days.

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