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Fri 1 Feb 2008, 10:57 AM
The gnomes (see here) have asked me to share a teaser about Midas 4.0 support for regular expressions.  It is pretty cool, if I say so myself.  For example, there is a new RegexLink method which allows you to match a regular expression in rich text and turn the match into a URL.  Whether you wanted to recognize that was an e-mail address and turn it into a mailto link, or that F2B7C11522EB3F41852573E20048B158 was a UNID and turn it into a Notes URL or that a FedEx tracking number should be turned into a URL hotspot to check the status, or a product code should turn into a lookup for that product, or whatever you want.  Now, I know that IBM has introduced something a bit like this for Eclipse plug-ins, and I am sure it will be very cool for that use, but some people don't have Notes 8.0.1 yet, or don't want to write a plug-in, or want this to work from the web, or want more flexibility than the Eclipse plug-in method allows.  Even I am not sure all the uses the gnomes will find for this.  Syntax highlighting with the RegexHighlight method, perhaps.  Data mining using the RegexKeywords method, probably.  CamelCase recognition with a regular expression such as:


and so on and so on.

I see there is even a related IdeaJam wish....

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Fri 1 Feb 2008, 08:13 AM
As I speak, the busy gnomes at Genii Software are testing and documenting and testing some more and then documenting some more (we like to keep our gnomes busy here), getting ready for the imminent release of three of our core products, CoexEdit 2.0, the Midas Rich Text LSX 4.0 and the Midas Rich Text C++ API 4.0.  But, to avoid problems other major players in the industry have had recently, we have decided to release before we launch, as opposed to the other way around.  Therefore, our goal, and we'll see if the gnomes can make it, is to release all of these major releases before the end of the day today.

But only after they are released, and to avoid a problem we have had ourselves in the past, only after the documentation is substantially ready, we will launch next week.  What is the difference, you might ask?  Well, the title of my blog post that day is likely to be something closer to "Launch day (not to be confused with Release day)".  Is that clear enough?

Anyway, to celebrate Release day, which is a holiday meant for merrymaking and joy for all except gnomes, I have a few quotes from a couple of those gnomes.

Mike Midas:
It is about time Ben got off his a$$ and released something around here.  Maybe he'll remember to release a bonus for those of us who do the real work.
Crystal Coex:
Wait until you see these Releases.  They are big.  Really, really big.  Oh, I am feeling so hot.  I must go outside and find ...
See what I have to deal with around here?

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