Midas C++ API™ 5.75 - - Migration, data manipulation, and rich text programmability

For every ISV or hard core developer who has wished to build robust or even commercial products in C++ or another high level language using the simple but powerful methods available in the Midas LSX under the covers. This recent arrival in the Midas family adds the same sort of easy, powerful rich text programmability accessible as a C++ library. The same classes and methods are available (with a few minor exceptions), but now you can make them available in a server add-in, menu add-in, stand alone program or even extension manager. Licensing is still done through Genii Software, but special arrangements can be made with ISVs who need to have different license models.

Read about our pricing and licensing to determine what you need. Order licenses on-line or by e-mail or by phone at +1 216-310-0552.

Download the Midas C++ API software.
If you need technical support, or have additional questions: To ask questions that are not answered in our FAQ, contact our e-mail support. If you have an urgent problem or complex questions, please give us a call at +1 (216) 310-0552.

  • Adds classes to C++ that can be used on a machine with either Notes client or Domino server installed
  • Powerful addressing model allows developer to target defined "chunks" of rich text
  • High level methods allow simple, one line calls that build cross references links, sort tables, export to HTML and handle other common tasks
  • Low level methods allow fine control over almost any property or attribute of any rich text construct, including new constructs such as layers and embedded editors
  • Power backward/forward compatibility allows use in all versions up to ND10, and supports constructs from all

  • Gain access to the corporate assets in your rich text
  • Control your content for both Notes and the Web
  • Create high quality, standards compliant HTML which meets accessibility standards such as WAI and Section 508 guidelines
  • Export to MIME, HTML/XHTML, CSV, EPUB and more with simple C++ methods
  • Write add-ins that work with Notes/Domino 8.x to 12.x

If you need technical support, or have additional questions: To ask questions that are not answered in our FAQ, contact our e-mail support. If you have an urgent problem or complex questions, please give us a call at +1 (216) 310-0552.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Midas C++ API

1) Is the Midas C++ API different than your Midas LSX?

The same core engine drives both toolkits, but the interface is a little different due to the differing needs of the C++ and LotusScript languages.

2) Is the Midas C++ API based on the Notes C++ API toolkit.

No. We use the Notes C API only. Since these are included by default with the Notes client or Domino server software on your systems, there is no need to worry about compatibility with specific Notes C++ versions.

3) Is the Midas C++ easy to install and use?

Yes. If you are a C/C++ developer, it is very easy to add the headers and library to your C++ projects. While we develop and test with the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.x and above on Windows platforms, there is no reason why the Midas C++ API will not work with other C++ environments that are compatible with the Notes C API.

4) Do I need to be a C++ expert to use the Midas C++ API?

No, but it is easier if you have some experience with C/C++. Midas has a very simple model with only four classes used in most applications. There are samples available, and most customers do not need to do much more than modify a sample slightly. We are also always willing to help with ideas, sample code, pre-written agents and extensive documentation.

5) Is the Midas C++ API fast enough to use with my highly tuned C++ application?

Yes. Midas is written in highly tuned low level C using the Notes C API. It has been used by companies who need to process hundreds of thousands of documents each day. Of course, performance is one of the toughest software metrics to test. The only true test is whether your application is fast enough, and only you can find out.

6) If I modify rich text with Midas in one version of Notes, will the changes be visible in other versions?

Yes. Midas uses the same structural conventions that Lotus Notes/Domino uses, so all rich text will be both forwardly and backwardly compatible.

7) Will the Midas C++ API work with earlier versions of Notes/Domino?

Yes. The Midas C++ API is written to support ND6.x through ND10.x. Virtually all functionality in Midas is available to all these versions, except where the rich text itself does not support the functionality. Similarly, Midas will work on Linux as well as Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

8) Why would I use the Midas C++ API instead of the Midas LSX?

If you can use the Midas LSX for your needs, certainly you can do so, but there are situations in which the Midas C++ API may be preferable. If your company does not have LotusScript expertise, but does have C++ expertise, this toolkit may be easier to use. If your application is already written in C/C++, it may be easier to add Midas support in that environment. If you want your functionality built in at a lower level, or across all databases, it may be easier to add to a menu addin or extension manager or server task. Finally, if you need the performance that C++ offers, the Midas C++ API has the speed you need.

9) Do you have local support in [name that region]?

Yes and no. Our offices are in Cleveland, OH in the United States, but support is available all over the world. With customers in over 100 countries, so we are very familiar with the issues in supporting companies in different locales. When a problem arises, our developers and support staff are prepared to deal with it no matter where the customer resides.

10) How do I know Genii Software will still be there next week or next year?

There are never any absolute guarantees, but Genii Software has been around since 1994, and providing Notes solutions and supporting Notes customers since 1995. While bigger companies have failed with the dot com bust, the global recession or simply through overreaching, we have stayed strong and grown by focusing on our areas of expertise and by never forgetting our customers.