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Wed 9 Apr 2008, 03:11 PM

Having started with the Domino licensing issues yesterday, today I focused on the IdeaJam software.  Or at least, I would have focused on it if it had taken enough time.  I have gotten a couple of earlier builds from Bruce Elgort, but I just didn't have time to spare to put them up, so I put it off.  Now it was time to commit to the process.  The only problem was, the process is so darn simple that you hardly get committed and it is done.  There is still one issue to be resolved, but fortunately, Gabriella Davis is handling that for me (thank heavens for admins, or we might have to muck around with this stuff ourselves).  So, here is the basic process:

Step 1) Unzip the two templates onto my server.  One template is for the ideas, the other for the votes.

Step 2) Sign the templates.  Even I could handle this.

Step 3) Create a GeniiJam.nsf and GeniiJamVotes.nsf from the two templates.

Step 4) Fill out the configuration document, which is simple and clear in almost all respects (except the registration stuff which I did not realize at first was on both the Registration Details tab and the General Settings tab, but you have to scroll down on the General Settings tab).  Everything is controlled from here, including the news text and the Help text.  Very nice!

Step 5) Create a logo image.  I thought at first I had to replace the image resource directly, but it turns out to be much simpler, just updating the images on the last tab of the configuration document.  This step probably took me the most time, even though I started it earlier before getting this template.

Step 6) Register and start adding ideas.  Actually, I am not quite there yet, as Gabriella is still setting up the stuff on the server.  This is the only part that seems the least bit difficult, and it may only be because I don't know anything about admin.  I'll have Gabriella talk with Bruce Elgort (that is what real users do, right?  They let the admin call tech support)

So, basically, at the end of the second day, the licensing is well in hand (SGA has sent an invoice and I just have to get them a check and some details for setting up Passport), and the Genii Jam itself is set up and looks good.  With any luck, tomorrow I will have the registration working and start populating with some ideas and suggestions that people have already set, so that when the license is in hand, I can release this to the world.  I am still interested in some of the process details, but everything has been far easier than I expected, with both IBM and Elguji.  The pricing of both software licenses seems quite reasonable as well, even if I do mourn the loss of the potential milk shakes.  My wife would quickly point out that I don't need all those calories anyway.

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Wed 9 Apr 2008, 02:01 PM
I did a Google search on the two terms "Albino Butterfly" and "Web of Deception" (in quotes) because I was curious whether our two serial stories had gained any visibility.  The first, "Albino Butterfly" is an unusual enough sequence that there are only 688 hits total, but four of the top ten hits relate to our serial story.  Stretching a bit further, five of the first fifteen do as well.

Due to a 2002 book and a 1994 movie both entitled "Web of Deception", as well as the many obvious uses in articles about the World Wide Web, the second title has considerably more hits, 75600 in total.  The first ten do not include any hits related to our story, but two of the top fifteen do (#11 and #15).  Still pretty high visibility, I'd say.

I did one additional search on boiler burst (without quotes), just out of curiosity.  Not surprisingly, there were 233000 hits, reflecting the inherent danger of boilers, I guess, but right there, in position #5 is a link to Julian's site which is hosting our stories:

"And then the boiler burst" search result

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Wed 9 Apr 2008, 10:19 AM
Does anybody have an opinion on whether we should use products for idea spaces, so a list such as: CoexEdit, CoexLinks, Midas Rich Text, OpenSesame, New Product Ideas

or should we use functionality for idea spaces, so: Coexistence, Editing, Migration, Programmability, Rendering

or something else entirely.  Any opinions?

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Wed 9 Apr 2008, 10:08 AM

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