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Sun 9 Aug 2009, 02:55 PM
Everybody else is blogging about it, so I guess I will as well.  Francie started the gender discussion with her post Damned if you do... and a whole bunch of people have chimed in.  I agree completely with Francie and Kathy and Rob and Marie, etc. etc.  that it is a terrible shame when gender (or race or sexual orientation or height (just had to throw that in)) determines how people talk to you, treat you, or respond to you.  It shouldn't be tolerated, and I appreciate the attention and reminder to hold people accountable and not let it go on.

But having said that, I have a small complaint.  I have spent years at conferences hanging around beautiful, intelligent women, and even a few handsome, intelligent men, and nobody has ever assumed I was sleeping with anyone.  Do I have a big, blinking sign on my forehead which says I am totally smitten with my wife?  What is it with the complete lack of suspicion?  I've hung around Francie at Penumbra dinners, not a whisper.  I've trotted along behind Gabriella for entire Lotuspheres, not a rumor.  I had Mary Beth Raven sign my shirt one year, nobody said a thing.

I just want to know what a guy has to do to raise some eyebrows.  Sheesh!

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