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Fri 14 Aug 2009, 01:45 PM
Fidel Ytee's Twitter feedTo get Fidel started, I gave him a fairly simple job, to check in on the folks who are using iFidelity in production, and see what they have to say about it.  I hope he understood.  Oddly enough, shortly afterwards, he left the office and I haven't seen him since.  There still might be a teensy language barrierl.

Just in case he doesn't quite understand, if Fidel contacts you, we are just looking for some simple feedback.  How is the product working for you?  Have you had any issues?  Do you understand how to get support if you need it?

Fidel also suggested that he would tweet about his progress.  I refuse to get involved in all that Twitter nonsense, but if you care to, visit him at or by clicking on his picture.

By the way, that last name is pronounced like the alien, E.T., with an emphasis on the first syllable (rhymes with Tweety).

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Fri 14 Aug 2009, 10:59 AM
Today we released iFidelity Version 3.0b and iFidelity Gateway Version 3.0b.  The features/fixes include (in no particular order):

  • Improved handling of nested bullets outside of tables - now render closer to IE7+ and Firefox3/3.5
  • Fixed handling of inline binary attachments
  • Fixed crash caused by encoded MIME part decoded to insufficient buffer
  • Better handling of large attached embedded images
  • Fixed small bug with background images in tables

Not too many items, and mostly simply fixes for issues identified by customers, but every small release like this ensures that customers will have the most stable, reliable system possible.  For that reason, there may be other small releases before Version 3.1, which will support 64-bit Domino.

Note: Windows and Linux versions are up, but a small glitch in AIX means that release may not happen until tonight.

I'll repeat our offer to IBM Business Partners who sell or work actively with Lotus Software: a free iFidelity server license to use so that emails you send, or receive in either iNotes or the Notes client, can be rendered with the highest iFidelity quality.  You just have to ask (before we end the offer) by filling out the iFidelity BP Order form.  And for you customers, feel free to try out the free evaluation license.

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Fri 14 Aug 2009, 09:10 AM
There's been a lot of work recently, what with the new products, Linux support, new versions of Midas and CoexEdit coming out in the next few days, so we've brought on a new member.  Just between you and me, I'm not so sure about the guy, but his brother knew Mike, and Crystal says we need some "diversity" around here.  His name is Fidel, and he's a bit younger than the rest of us.  I'd tell you more about him, but he seems intent on dragging us kicking and screaming into the modern age, and says he will introduce himself via Twitter.  (Of course, since he doesn't have an email account yet, I had to sign him up under my name.  Sheesh!)

Fidel says he is always looking for followers (and perhaps a small Latin American country to overthrow.  Ha ha)  His first couple of Tweets are below.  Since I know nothing about Twitter, can't stand the whole idea really, I'll leave it to you folks who do to figure out how to friend him or whatever.  With any luck, he won't make it onto PlanetLotus, and I can pretend I don't even know what he is saying.

Fidel Ytee's tweets

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