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Thu 11 Sep 2014, 09:22 AM
Over the past year and a half, I've posted many videos on my primary Youtube channel (not to be confused with my new StoryTime channel). Many are tutorials on Gimp, Youtube and general topics, but there are also several that are product demos or product tutorials on Midas and CoexLinks Fidelity. These have been successful, but I face a new sort of issue I hope you can help me figure out.
When a video grows out of date due to a new version or revised sample, should I create a new one that is up to date? Probably, I should. But if I do, should I delete the old one and lose both its view count (and implied credibility) and search indexing, or should I leave it with a big link to the up-to-date video and set up a search results competition between old and new with the chance that people won't follow the link to the new video but will simply get annoyed and leave?
Fundamentally, are videos more like blog posts or more like product pages? I would never go back and re-write old blog posts, though I might provide a link on them to an updated blog post. On the other hand, I'll always update product pages to reflect the current reality.
The question is complicated more by the fact that each video takes a fair amount of time, and if I am reworking old videos, I am not making new videos. When the video is an important demonstration of features, such as Message Store in CoexLinks Fidelity 3.5, this time is worth it. But what of my Out of Notes series of videos? Those were created as I was building in capabilities for Midas LSX V5, and some things changed. Some of the videos cry out for updating, such as Out of Notes, Part 5: To SharePoint, but others showcase features that have not really caught on much, such as Out of Notes Part 2: Capsule Views. So, should I create new versions of old videos or create new videos and treat the past as the past?

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