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Wed 19 Sep 2012, 08:38 AM
I saw this over on Google+, and thought I'd pass it along to Doctor Who fans. It seems to be only for U.S. (or rather North America, since Canadians can get it too from what I hear). I got it from a share by Miriam Dunn, who makes these cool spirit hoods.

All the David Tennant Dr. Who for 65% off - today only

U.S. only:

In this massive 26-disc collection, the BBC brings together the complete David Tennant Years as the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who! David Tennant made his debut in 2005 in “The Christmas Invasion” and in the four years that followed, Doctor Who grew to new heights of popularity. This collection celebrates Tennant’s tenure by bringing together every David Tennant Doctor Who episode including The Complete Second Series (co-starring Billie Piper as Rose Tyler), The Complete Third Series (co-starring Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones) and The Complete Fourth Series (co-starring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble), all eight specials and two spin-off animated adventures, totaling over 38 hours of Doctor Who plus hours of extras. This is a must-own collection for the legion of devoted Doctor Who fans.

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Thu 13 Sep 2012, 07:40 AM
Last night, Genii Software released CoexLinks 3.0, the next major version of our highly regarded coexistence and migration software. As part of the new release, there are now three components to the CoexLinks product, all bundled together and sharing the same license and the same cost. 

CoexLinks: The core extension manager product that runs on an IBM Lotus Domino server. CoexLinks recognizes doclinks created either by users in IBM Lotus Notes or by applications running in either IBM Lotus Notes or IBM Lotus Domino. Doclinks can be converted to Notes URL hotspots, Web HTTP hotspots or NDL attachments. Selective conversion can be done for links from specific databases to allow gradual migration of some Notes applications to a web-based interface. In external email systems, hotspot links will act as Notes doclinks whether by triggering the Notes URL or launching the NDL attachment.

CoexLinks Clipper: A windows menu add-in that allows a user to copy a doclink, view link or db link onto the Windows clipboard in a format which will paste a matching link into an Outlook email or other products such as word processors that accept HTML pasting. This allows a use who has migrated to Outlook for email to continue to share Notes doclinks with other users in Notes, Outlook. As this utility evolves, it will also allow pasting of NDL attachments when CoexLinks is configured to use NDL attachments, and pasting of various links into Gmail, which does not accept the same clipboard formats.

CoexLinks Fidelity: A separate extension manager product which renders Notes rich text messages into high quality MIME so that tables, links, fonts, margins and such appear in the destination email the way they did in Lotus Notes. Also enhances rendering of message in iNotes. Going forward, this rendering will be tuned further to meet the needs of different email systems, but from its launch, this is compatible with all current versions of MS Outlook and Google Mail/Gmail. The CoexLinks Fidelity component will be available in approximately one week.

CoexLinks continues to enhance the coexistence and migration experience for those choosing to move from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino email to alternate email systems.

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