Pricing & Licensing for CoexLinks Migrate™

Pricing & Licensing for CoexLinks Migrate 4.60

CoexLinks Migrate 4.60 is available for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit, and will soon be available for Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit. If your company has a need for CoexLinks on any other platform, please let us know. CoexLinks Fidelity (outbound/iNotes/mobile fidelity) and CoexLinks Journal (high fidelity encapsulation and journaling) are priced separately.

CoexLinks Migrate is licensed per user mail database.

Production licenses:
Order licenses on-line or by e-mail or by phone at +1 216-310-0552.

Evaluation licenses:
Licenses for evaluation and testing are provided at no charge. To request an evaluation license for Version 4.x, please fill out our CoexLinks Migrate evaluation request form, and a license file will be sent along with instructions on how to install the software. The license will expire after between 30 and 45 days, at the expiration date listed on your evaluation e-mail.

Free upgrades to major and minor versions are free upon request for any company with paid up annual license.

Production pricing:

Server licenses

Price (US dollars)

Other currencies

Part Number

User mail databases (1 to 50)

$2500 total

Call for quote


Addl User mail databases*

$25 per addl mail db

Call for quote


User mail database covered by CoexLinks Journal**

$20 per mail db (CXMBASE not required)

Call for quote


Over 1000 user mail dbs

Call for quote

Call for quote

*First 50 included in CXMBASE, so a license for 300 would be $2500 plus ($25 * 250) = $8750.

**Offer valid while CoexLinks Journal license is in good standing. No requirement for CXMBASE, so 300 users already licensed for CoexLinks Journal would cost ($20 * 300) = $6000 to migrate.

Standard CoexLinks Migrate Software Agreement.