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Mon 17 May 2004, 04:45 PM
The third reproduced and fixed bug due to the SWAT team's reporting was found.  Incidentally, my wife object's to the SWAT team concept, because, as she says, "You fix the bugs - they don't!"

Well, I know what she means, but I have to say, the credit goes largely to anybody who can identify and reproduce the bugs.  This doesn't just go for the four companies in this group, it goes for any person at any company who can identify and create a reproducible bug.  All kudos to them.  I'll work as hard as I need to to get the bug fixed once it is identified.  For that very reason, I have another customer who seems grumpy because of a bug they have found that I haven't fixed yet.  You know who you are - and I'll have it as soon as I can.

Anyway, this was actually a bug with rich text to HTML that the company identified.  In certain configurations, when the very first line (or really, paragraph) is centered in rich text, it doesn't get centered in the HTML.  Actually, the problem is even bigger than that, since almost no paragraph attributes were carried into the first HTML paragraph.  This is fixed.

Success #3

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Mon 17 May 2004, 04:45 PM
The fourth bug reported by the SWAT team's wasn't really a bug.  Still, it provided a teachable moment.  This was again an issue with rich text to HTML that the company identified.  They had a series of lines indented by spaces, and were complaining that the spaces were eliminated.

Well, yes they were.  That is the default way HTML is generated, but if you set the PreserveSpaces='Yes' property in the HTML generation, it works just fine.  It might also be a good idea to set the ForceFontFace='Yes' property and perhaps even the SubstituteFont3='Courier New' or whatever fixed space font you want the Default MonoSpace to show up as in HTML.  Sigh, there are lots of choices.  Just as an FYI, there is also a setting that can be PreserveTabs='Yes" or PreserveTabs='3' which replaces tabs with either 3 or the number of non-blanking spaces specified.  This is not a perfect representation of tabs, but the best we can do for now.

Success #4

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Mon 17 May 2004, 09:11 AM
Yesterday was a big day for my daughter - senior prom!  Prom is a bigger deal here in Shaker Heights than it was for me in my high school.  My daughter had to get the limousine (with nine other people), get photographs take in front of the Art Museum, eat at a nice restaurant, go to prom, go to after-prom (1am to 5am, believe it or not), and, in case that wasn't enough, head off to Cedar Point for a day of fun in the sun the next day (yup, I drove).  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Anyway, the high point for me was getting the pictures near the Art Museum.  It had been rainy all day, so we were lucky to have it basically clear up (this is Cleveland, so clear means cloudy instead of raining) in time for the ladies and gents to pile out of the limo which had picked them all up from their houses and stand on the steps and pose for many, many pictures.  My daughter and her date looked great (no, it was not Mr. PB&J who has gone off to Cedar Point to work for the summer, but another friend), and it was fun seeing all of them in their finery, but it was a bit odd to have the ABC News crew filming the whole thing, including filming me taking pictures of them.

Whoa!, you say.  ABC News?

Yes, well, those of you who have not met my daughter might not understand.  She is planning her political career already, so it is hardly surprising that when ABC decided to do a special on Shaker Heights and race relations and such, they gravitated to her.  She has had film crews filming her and several of her friends for the last couple of months, even going on a band trip to Italy to film them, and she has been miked for several days.  Probably won't end up being a lot of air time for the final show, what with the way television works, but it has been interesting having a national television crew follow her around.  I have heard about it, but this was my first chance to watch it in action... and be watched in return.

Doesn't bother my daughter though.  She fully expects her life to roll out on national TV.  I can't imagine where she gets that desire for attention. <grin>

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