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Sat 20 Jun 2009, 03:50 PM
While I understand that the time zones put IBM at a bit of a disadvantage, I find this absolutely unbelievable.  It isn't scientific, but it is worth noting.  Yesterday, I posted a post titled Why is iNotes a second class citizen?  Given that it is currently the most popular post on, and has received at least  couple of hundred hits more directly through my website , it is likely you have seen it.  But have you read it?

No, I am probably not talking to you. I am talking to the folks at IBM.  Granted, it is a somewhat contentious title.  I am also a Design Partner, fairly well known in the community, and I would hazard a guess that my current focus on email issues in Notes/Outlook/Gmail/iNotes/etc. has not gone unnoticed.  So, despite it being a Friday afternoon, I would expect a few IBMers to read the post, if only to curse at me, but possibly to see if I have identified any bugs/weaknesses that IBM could address quickly.  Maybe even to avoid the PR hit by pointing out that I am mistaken or don't understand or something.  After all, there are IBMers all over the world, and many read, so so I am told.

But my network statistics tell me something different.  There are nineteen separate IP addresses that have read the blog post since it was posted at 4:35pm yesterday, for a total of nineteen page reads.  This is one IP address that has read the blog post, one time.

It is possible that IBMers all have me on their RSS feeds, but even then they would have to follow the link to see most of the information.  19 to 1?  Is that even vaguely believable?  I am sure there are a few Microsoft employees who are enjoying my poking IBM, although I have poked Outlook quite a bit and plan even more there, but would you have predicted that a grand total of one person at IBM would show an interest in a public post which insinuates one of their products has issues?

Ed Brill may well have come up with an explanation (see the first comment).  I hadn't really thought about how the culture of telecommuting could hide the hits from IBM, but that must be at least part of the reason.  Honestly, if it had be five IBM hits, I would have believed it, but one was unbelievable.

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Sat 20 Jun 2009, 01:47 PM
I have to be perfectly clear, I am not a crossword puzzle aficionado.  In fact, I have an almost complete lack of ability to do crosswords, which might be surprising given my interest in language and words except that I am married to a crossword addict, and have always found it is best to keep areas of separate interest as well as areas of shared interest.  Last night, the two came together, as we watched a 1997 Peter Fonda movie, Ulee's Gold, because the name Ulee is used in crosswords so often (three vowels - what's not to like?).  Yes, we watched a movie because it shows up in crosswords.  Not sure I've ever tried that before.  It was even not bad as a movie, happy ending and all.

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