Midas Rich Text C++ API Samples

These samples show how to work with the Midas Rich Text C++ API to build powerful extensions to work with Lotus Notes/Domino. A variety of extensions are shown, using a variety of methods from the Midas Rich Text C++ API, with the assumption that the sophisticated developer using these samples will be able to mix and match functionality with extension types. The samples will not work without a valid evaluation or production license and the Midas Rich Text C++ API software library. Downloading samples requires implicit acceptance of the Genii license agreement. Software downloads require an explicit agreement to a license, and so are accessed through individual links on the left hand menu.

Export to HTML/XHTML Menu Add-in (Notes client) HTML/XHTML
This sample program shows how to create menu items on the Actions menu in your Notes client that will export selected documents to HTML.
Requires Midas Version 3.40 or higher and Notes Release ND6.x or higher