Downloads for Midas LSX V5
Midas LSX Documentation (no license required)
Help DB (zipped) (As of April 2, 2016)
Help DB (on-line) (Updated in real time as needed)
Note that the on-line version may be more up to date than the zipped version. You may request a new zipped version if the on-line version is insufficient.


All downloads below require a valid Midas license file. If you would like to evaluate the Midas LSX, please fill out our on-line evaluation request. In the meantime, please feel free to look through our sample downloads for some of the many ways Midas can be used.

Midas LSX 5.60b (requires Version 5.x license - 4.x licenses will not work)
Download for Win32 Notes/Domino 6.x to 10.x (V5.60b released Oct. 10, 2019)
Download for Win64-bit Domino 8.x to 10.x (V5.60b released Oct. 10, 2019)

While almost all Windows systems today are 64-bit, the Notes client on Windows is always 32-bit, and thus requires the 32-bit download. There are two separate Domino server installs, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit, so you must use the correct one for your Domino server.


Versions below are older archived versions in the 5.x family, and require a 5.x license.

Archived Midas LSX 5.53 (in case of need to revert back)
Download for 32-bit Notes/Domino 6.x to 9.x on Windows (V5.53 released Jan. 23, 2018)
Download for 64-bit Domino 64-bit 8.x to 9.x on Windows (V5.53 released Jan. 23, 2018)

Note: Sample files are displayed on their own page: Midas LSX - Sample DBs