About Genii Software

World-Class Customers

Genii Software has built a reputation for software quality and support all over the world. This reputation is reflected in an impressive customer list that includes corporations, governments and educational institutions. From the Fortune 500 to the sole proprieters, our customers work in industries such as banking, engineering, high technology, financial services, publishing, national defense and pharmaceuticals. A very brief list includes Mobil/Exxon, Nordea AB, IBM, Deutsche Bundesbank, Office of the eEnvoy (UK), Chase Manhattan, Household International, Schukat electronic, JOS Applications (Hong Kong), Canadian Wheat Board, European Patent Office, Danisco Flexible (France), Ibe/X Servicios Informáticos S.L., Gartner Group, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (Australia), Volvo, Royal & Sun Alliance, Duke University Medical Center, Samsung, Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries, Deloitte & Touche, Digitimes Publication Inc. (Taiwan), and Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton.

"Kudos for building such useful products." - Richard Ng, Ontario Ministry of Finance

"Our company has many Lotus Notes\Domino workflow applications that notify users of pending approvals through emails containing Lotus Notes doclinks. When the decision was made to migrate off Lotus Notes email to Exchange email, we needed to find a quick and easy solution to enable our users to access the workflow documents easily within Outlook. Genii's CoexLinks was the perfect solution. It converts our workflow doclinks into attachments that our Outlook users launch to access Lotus Notes documents with the Lotus Notes client." - Aroon Mital, Senior Domino Developer,Samsung SDS America.

"We have been using your Midas Rich Text LSX and @YourCommand for almost 8 years. Our many products are vastly improved and much easier to maintain through the use of Midas, and your newest release added methods and properties that will be the key to dramatically improving how we at BNA send out over 10,000 product based email messages daily. Midas is great. We couldn't live without it, but more important than the product features is the support we have used over the years and continue to get." - George Banning, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

"You have always given us top-notch support and a great product!" - Lori Evans, Duke Medical Center

"Thanks for a great product- I do not use or recommend any other Notes/Domino 3rd party products but you have really proved to be an excellent company with "staying power" - I am so surprised that Lotus/IBM has not acquired GeniiSoft." - Eric Rayl, Consultant to Southern California Gas

"MIDAS ROCKS!" -Joe Walters, Notes Systems Manager, Washington University

"I have only recently been introduced to MIDAS and I have barely scratched the surface of possibilites - but it has already been a life-saver on several occasions. Great product & great support behind it. Keep up the fantastic work!" - Mike Poole, Amigosoft

"This tool is just terrific! Everyday I think of something new you can do with this." -Jose Zaldivar, Kryos Systems Associates

"I'm developing an application that's making heavy use of Midas to maintain tables of data in a large document, and am really impressed with the power of Midas - great tool!" -Tony Campbell-Cooke, Bacon Woodrow

"Midas - it makes rich text suck less." - Rocky Oliver, Sapphire Oak Technologies

Customer Stats
Genii Software has customers on six continents and in 44 countries. Our products are directly licensed to over 900,000 clients and hundreds of servers, and licensed indirectly to many more through solutions built using Midas technology and sold separately by IBM/Lotus business partner ISVs.