About Genii Software

About Genii Software

In today's world, organizations are focused on reducing costs, squeezing additional value out of existing infrastructure, and adding functionality without adding significant overhead. Achieving these goals hinges on effectively utilizing existing resources, purchasing solutions to meet strategic goals, and revitalizing existing solutions to meet new challenges and overcome new global competition.

Genii Software helps organizations who work with IBM Notes and Domino and other IBM software meet and exceed these goals, providing solutions, integrated toolkits, and the expertise to tie them together. CoexLinks Fidelity powers an exemplary email experience with mobile and web interfaces, as well as seamless coexistence between IBM Domino applications and alternative e-mail infrastructures such as Microsoft Exchange. AppsFidelity allows high fidelity editing between IBM Notes applications, web applications and XPages applications. Integrated toolkits, the Midas LSX and the Midas C++ API family provide extensive new functionality built into the very core of IBM Notes and Domino, enabling solutions that might otherwise require large investments in alternative software/infrastructure. Underlying all of the solutions and solution builders is our expertise in the technology, our commitment to our customers and, and most of all, our integrity.

World-Class Customers
Genii Software has built a reputation for software quality and support all over the world. This reputation is reflected in an impressive customer list that includes corporations, governments and educational institutions. From the Fortune 500 to sole proprieters, our customers work in industries such as banking, engineering, high technology, financial services, publishing, national defense, pharmaceuticals and many others. Genii Software has direct customers on six continents and in over 48 countries and indirect customers in over 50 more.

Founded in 1994, Genii Software is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

For more information, give is a call +1 216-310-0552. We'd be happy to talk with you, or set up a demo of one of our products.

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