About Genii Software

Company Info

Genii Software Ltd. is a privately held company based in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. Founded in 1992 by Ben Langhinrichs, the company started with a focus on OS/2, and switched to a focus on Lotus Notes/Domino in 1995.

Genii Software specializes in coexistence solutions for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and other systems. Our coexistence solutions include CoexLinks, a coexistence tool allowing Notes applications to send doclinks to Microsoft Outlook, RIM Blackberry or other non-Notes clients without loss of functionality, and CoexEdit, a coexistence tool which allows editing of rich text content in both web browsers and the Notes client without loss of fidelity or content between the two.

Additionally, Genii Software specializes in Lotus Notes rich text, HTML and MIME manipulation tools. Our most enduring product is the Midas Rich Text LSX, the most popular stand-alone LSX (LotusScript extension) in the world, with customers in 46 countries. Midas rich text lookups and manipulation have also been made available from from C++ and other higher level languages in the Midas Rich Text C++ API.

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