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Sun 12 Sep 2004, 11:14 PM
No, I haven't had two more kids.  Heavens, I just got my oldest off to college!  The two new members are part of the Midas family, and long time readers have heard a fair amount about them already.  Monday is the big day, barring unforeseen last minute issues, and the Midas Rich Text C++ API and @Midas Formulas will be released in production versions.

I won't go into details now, but the Midas Rich Text C++ API is generally aimed at those needing a deeper integration with Notes/Domino or with their own C++ code.  It is generally consistent with the LSX in terms of classes, methods and properties, but allows use with C API extensions, C++ API extensions, as well as with .NET and other external systems.  The @Midas Formulas generally aim in the opposite direction, toward integration with those places in Notes/Domino that offer formula language support but not LotusScript support, such as hide when formulas, computed text, and the Evaluate method in Java.  The @Midas Formulas also offer @DbLookup/@DbColumn access to rich text tables.

Well, considerably more will be coming, with samples, Help documents and more.  Of course, in the meantime, everything on the website is a bit messy as we integrate the two new members.  Time to go change some nappies, as our British friends might say.

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