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Fri 5 May 2006, 09:41 AM
Well, it has been three years since my first post on this blog.  I wasn't sure when I started how long the energy would last, and whether I would have useful things to say.  461 posts later, with 1811 comments (aside from the spams that have been deleted), I still don't know how useful it has all been, but I know it has been fun.

If I had to name a few highlights, they would be the Rich Text 101 series, the Mike Midas and Crystal Coex stories (I should get them to guest blog more often), the Hypothetical Carrots post perhaps, and definitely the Dating Tips #1 and #2.  I have enjoyed coding challenges and odd bits of poetry.  I have gone on rather a lot about our products, and a bit about my various trips to Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere.  Along the way, I seem to have picked up rather more readers than I would have expected, and I appreciate your all coming along for the ride.

I can't promise another three years, because I still don't know how long the energy will last and whether I will have useful things to say, but for the moment, I guess I will keep on keeping on.  Thanks for being here, and keeping me honest.

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